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Wise Calculator 7.9

This is a fully comprehensive calculator with numerous mathematical functions

If you are looking for a calculator that provides calculation operations for a wide variety of mathematical computations and calculations, with a comprehensive selection of functions, then Wise Calculator could fit your purposes. This calculator computes everything from basic arithmetic to Finance, Chemistry, Analysis, Statistics, Trigonometric and hyperbolic calculations, to name but a few. When it is launched, the program displays an Explorer style interface with tabs for calculator functions and plot creation. When you first open it, all symbols are displayed on the left with calculator operators on the right. Between them, there is a descriptive window that explains the meanings of the symbols.

Using the number pad by clicking on the numbers prompts the program to reflect your actions in the working window just above the number pad, and here your results are displayed as well as your calculations. You can create plots in 2D/3D, and double clicking on the plot graphic prompts the program to launch the plot window where you can select the type of plot you are working with and enter its co-ordinates. With its ability to produce spreadsheet style documents, calculate complex, matrix and Boolean arithmetic, as well as scientific calculations, this application couldn't be more comprehensive. You can also choose from two languages, English and Russian, and if features many more user defined functions and variables including programming language making this calculator suitable for computational purposes.

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